August 11, 2020

When your home has a musty smell, the big question is how to get rid of that odor and fix the problem. Here is a look at why musty smells occur and what you can do about them.

Causes of the Musty Odor

Many houses can develop musty odors over time, especially those located in humid environments. The musty smell is caused by odorous gasses put off by mold. Musty smells in your residence can indicate high levels of mold growth and the potential for indoor air quality issues. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues, including respiratory problems and heart and lung disease. An air purifier in your property can get rid of both the musty odor and other indoor air pollutants.

Types of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are designed to remove both particulates and harmful gasses from the air. A high-quality air purification system will have an activated carbon filter that can remove an array of strong odors from your household. It’s important to have a properly sized system in your home so that all odors and particulates can be taken out of circulation.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters can remove smelly gasses from the air through a process called adsorption. When gasses hit the surface of the filter, they’re held there. Activated carbon is a highly porous material and has a lot of surface area to gather gasses with.

Maintenance for Air Purifiers

Activated carbon filters need to be checked monthly and replaced regularly to ensure they can continue to adsorb musty odors. Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling offers air purification system maintenance services for any systems in Lakeside.

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