April 14, 2020

When summer comes, you need a reliable AC to beat the heat. It’s an unwelcome surprise when you turn your air conditioner on and it’s not working, making a strange noise, or otherwise not doing its job to keep you and your family cool. Here are some ways to avoid this situation from happening again:

Schedule AC Maintenance in Early Spring

The best time of year to schedule annual maintenance is in late-April or early-May when you start to use your heat less often. This gives you time to make any repairs to your system without suffering through the worst heat of summer. While seasons tend to be milder in Lakeside, CA and the surrounding areas, you don’t want to be caught in a heatwave with no AC. If your area tends to get warm during the springtime, schedule your maintenance in March or early April.

Leave It to The Professionals

Beyond making sure you change your filters once a month, you are better off leaving the inspection and maintenance of your system to the professionals. Inspections keep your unit energy efficient, which saves you money and helps your unit last longer. Replacing your unit will cost thousands, so budget this annual expense to save money in the long run.

What a Spring Inspection Should Include

Choose a reputable company you can trust to perform your air conditioning maintenance inspection. At the minimum, it should include checking the drain line, motor, coils, blower, operating pressures and temperatures, the return and supply lines, all connections and refrigerant levels. Deal with a local company that knows the climate and AC systems common in Lakeside, CA and has the following qualifications: licensed and insured, long-term warranties on the repairs, manufacturer-approved products and materials, competitive prices and reliable service.

Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling has 30 years of experience in installation, repairs and maintenance of AC, and ductless units. Let’s get your AC ready for the summer heat to avoid emergency repairs at the worst time of year. Contact Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling today to make an appointment.

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