April 14, 2020

Most homeowners in Lakeside CA, have various ways of cooling their homes. These cooling techniques range from the simple ceiling fan, air conditioning that removes heat and moisture from your home, swamp cooling that adds cool moisture to the surrounding air to the good old-fashioned shade tree. These cooling methods make your home cozy, but most homeowners are not aware of the super cooling technique which involves the process of chilling a liquid below its freezing point to provide the cooling effect.

What is Super Cooling?

If you understand thermodynamics, then you should be thinking of the common under the cooling process. This is the process of cooling a gas or liquid without condensing it into a solid-state. While this may seem interesting, your home will not transform into a frozen world when you use this technique.

Super cooling in air conditioning means cooling your home at a time of the day that is optimal for maintaining low temperatures during the day. The idea here is to reduce the amount of work done by your air conditioning system and making changes in electricity usage so that your AC unit can only run during non-peak hours. By doing so, you will cut down your monthly energy bills and at the same time making your home comfortable.

How to Supercool Your Home and Reduce Your Energy Consumption

You can achieve this by obtaining a time plan from your energy utility provider. This plan will help you know the exact time when electricity consumption is high. Chances are the results will coincide with the time of the day when you tend to use your air conditioning unit less often. This means adjusting your AC unit to operate at 73 degrees during the night and 80 degrees during the day will reduce its energy consumption.

Reduce electricity bills

Another way of super cooling your home and reducing your energy bills is to keep your shades closed during the day and windows open during the night to provide a cool breeze in your house. Keeping your shades closed during the day prevents the sun’s heat from entering your house. Implementing these simple measures helps you to reduce your energy consumption hence low electricity bills. Also, you can install a more energy-efficient cooling unit or plan regular maintenance of the current air conditioning unit to minimize your electricity bills.

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