April 14, 2020

SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” and it relates to the amount of energy that an air conditioner uses over the course of a year. The rating system was created by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE wanted to ensure more energy efficiency in the HVAC industry. All new AC units must meet a minimum SEER rating. Older units typically have a lower SEER rating and may not meet the updated requirements. However, all new units are required to either meet or go above minimum ratings before they can be sold. Some states have additional requirements as well. Since the SEER rating has been implemented, the HVAC industry has improved its energy efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Why Do Homeowners Use SEER Rating?

The SEER rating provides a benchmark that allows a homeowner to compare one AC system to another in terms of energy efficiency. Because the system is initiated by the government, no individual company has the ability to sell a lie. Companies that lie about their SEER rating on packaging face heavy fines and possible criminal court proceedings.

What is a Common SEER Rating of a Modern AC Unit?

The modern generation of air conditioners ranges from 13 to 25. As the number goes higher, the unit is defined as more efficient. An AC unit with a SEER rating of 25 is much more efficient than one with a 13 rating. A 25 will provide lower heating and utility bills for a homeowner. The minimum rating for all AC units has been 13 since the year 2006. In previous generations, the SEER rating of AC units could be as low as 6. The average SEER rating today is between 15 and 18. There are some models that are meant for commercial purposes with a SEER rating that is in the mid-20s.

How Much Does a High SEER Unit Cost?

In general, you will pay more for an AC unit that has a higher SEER rating. In most cases, a high SEER rating means that your AC unit is working with better technology. For instance, an AC unit with a 17 rating may cost up to $2,500 more than an AC rating with a 15 rating.

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