December 20, 2021
Furnace Code Compliance in Poway, CA

When a new structure is built, there is work that needs to be done by various contractors. Whenever electrical, plumbing or HVAC work is done, this must be inspected by town officials before proceeding. In order to keep all work consistent in a given area, codes are written that must be adhered to. If the building or structure does not adhere to the codes, then changes need to be made in order to pass inspections.

If your home is going through renovations or you are in need of a new furnace or air conditioner, the work must be done by a professional who understands what the current codes in the Greater San Diego County area are. New installations aren’t the only thing that applies. Repairs and maintenance must also follow this guidance in order to fall within code.

What Happens If My HVAC System Is Out of Code?

If it is determined that there are aspects of your HVAC system that are currently out of code, work will need to be done in order to bring your system back up to compliance. If your HVAC system was installed many years ago before the current codes were put into effect, you may not have to worry about making any changes. However, current codes often account for any safety concerns that may be present. You may choose to make the necessary changes in order to keep your structure safe moving forward.

We at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling are knowledgeable on the current code in the area, and we perform all repairs and maintenance according to this code. Whether you need a new furnace installed or you’re interested in equipment that can improve the overall quality of your indoor air, we can help! Contact Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling in the greater San Diego area today for more information.

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