High efficiency and durability are key features of a reliable HVAC unit like the water source heat pumps in San Diego, CA. The system works like a conventional heat pump, except it extracts and dissipates heat through water, not air. While traditional heat pumps get heat from the air outside, the water source heat pumps cycle water through a pipe setup at the bottom of a water source like a lake or reservoir.

    Water Source Heat Pumps in San Diego, CA

    As it cycles through the pipes, it collects heat from the water source and brings it back to your home. Also, the generally warm weather and proximity to a natural water source make this heat pump system suitable for San Diego residents. But you don’t have to worry about these technicalities because, with Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling, we have the best services, expertise, guidance, and experience with water source heat pumps.

    Water Source Heat Pumps in San Diego

    Conventional air heat pumps require a separate condensing unit for air handling while the WSHPs transfer heat through an exchanger into a pipe of water, making the system’s footprint smaller. This is also a key feature that makes it environmentally friendly.

    The operation is also quieter, and since water is more efficient at carrying heat than air, WSHPs it’s more energy-efficient and smaller in size. As a homeowner, your top consideration should be this kind of energy efficiency.

    Professional Water Source Heat Pumps in San Diego, CA The many benefits of water source heat pumps are extensive, but here are more reasons why you should get one:

    • Low energy consumption
    • Small carbon footprint
    • Low installation cost
    • Quiet operation
    • Individual zoning

    At Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling, we will ensure you get the befitting model through an informed decision. Our reputation for efficiently completing installations, repairs, and maintenance work is our core identity.

    Why Choose Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling

    Water Source Heat Pump Service in San Diego, CAEfficient and functional water source heat pumps can save you a lot of time and money. That’s why our technicians provide you with top-quality work in repairs, installations, and maintenance when you need them. However, our expertise is not limited only to the WSHPs but other HVAC units too.

    Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling is an authorized dealer with an A+ rating in HVAC services in San Diego. We have a 24/7 emergency service response team to make sure your system remains in top condition. Keeping your home comfortable is our primary goal at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling. With our unmatched heating and cooling services and experience, there is nothing complex for us to handle.

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