April 14, 2020

The modern air conditioner is a highly complex piece of equipment that requires maintenance at least once every three to six months. When neglected, air conditioners could become irreversibly damaged, forcing you to incur significant costs in replacing them. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial if you are to enjoy comfort during the warm months of summer and spring.

Why your AC may stop working

Air conditioners contain a number of electrical components that tend to depreciate over time. These components become weathered as a result of constant contraction and expansion, and tend to loosen over time. When they become faulty, electrical connections begin to fail, and your air conditioner will inevitably stop working.

Another important aspect of air conditioner inspection involves checking the refrigerant for leakages. When these leakages become large, the pressure of the unit will drop significantly, reducing the shelf life of your air conditioner unit. When you hire a professional to take care of your AC, they will also verify whether your run capacitor is working properly. The run capacitor is important in kick-starting your AC units motor. When it is damaged, the motor is harder to start, and your electrical costs will consequently rise.

If the motor is damaged

While the run capacitor is an important component, sometimes the motor itself will take on damage. When this takes place, you run the risk of further damaging other crucial components like the compressor coils.

Professionals in San Diego will conduct a complete air conditioner inspection, so that you can save on your electrical costs, while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones at home.

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