April 14, 2020

A heating and cooling system relies on many different parts to operate smoothly. You might not know what these individual parts are or what they do, but you may quickly learn what happens when they don’t function right. A coil isn’t noticeable but, when it is dirty, you’ll pick up on the troubles.

A Pressure Level Drop

The evaporator coil performs a critical duty: It draws in heat found in the air. Once dirty, the evaporator can’t function with efficiency. The overall system pressure will reflect an optimal pressure level if the coil is fine. If dirty, however, a drop in system pressure shouldn’t be unexpected.

Find out what the desired pressure level for your system is. This way, you’ll understand what constitutes a drop if one occurs. Look into routine cooling/heating maintenance services, too. It’s important to have someone clean or replace your coil at the appropriate time.

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Obvious Inefficiency

When all parts work the way they are supposed to, performance issues shouldn’t arise. A dirty coil will undermine performance, and the system won’t bring the temperature to the preferred setting. Due to the dirty coil, heat remains in the air, and that heat affects the temperature.

A Strained SystemM

You might notice that the system works a lot harder to meet its thermostat setting. A dirty coil could act almost like an anchor on the system, dragging down its performance capabilities. This causes the system to run more than necessary.

Two undesirable outcomes might occur here. First, your bills could go through the roof. The more the system runs, the more energy it drains to operate. Second, maintenance problems may arise since the unit has to work harder for extended periods.

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