April 14, 2020

Energy costs rank among the top expenses for homeowners and the type of thermostat running your system plays a significant role in terms of cost-effectiveness. As technological advancements find their way into just about every product, homeowners are tasked with making complex decisions.

In recent years, a debate has heated up about whether smart or programmable thermostats are a homeowner’s best bet. As a company that specializes in HVAC installation, service, and repair in the greater San Diego area, the team at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling believes it’s important to understand the subtle differences.

What Is A Programmable Thermostat?

In many respects, a programmable thermostat builds off the old school ones that you adjust by hand. A programmable thermostat allows people to create a temperature setting that will automatically adjust at different points during the day or night.

For example, the device can be programmed to lower energy use while no one is at home or uptick the environment’s comfort just before you wake up in the morning. The major difference between programmable and previous models is that it will adjust even if you forget.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Building on the idea that you don’t have to be at home to change the temperature settings, smart technology also allows utility bill payers to make informed decisions about usage.

Along with the programmable aspects, smart thermostats provide climate data and can even learn how to manage the system over time. In other words, smart thermostats take the information about the climate settings you prefer and implement them on your behalf. While those benefits seem to outpace programmable units, the choice involves other moving parts.

Programmable Thermostat Pros

These are some of the primary benefits that programmable thermostats offer homeowners:

  • 7-day pre-settings that can automatically change temperatures
  • Savings over standard models can reduce costs by as much as 20 percent

Smart Thermostat Pros

The so-called “Next Generation” of thermostats makes excellent use of emerging technology. Consider these benefits:

  • App allows electronic device and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Some models self-learn to adjust temperatures based on user comfort settings
  • Some models can automatically adjust each time you leave home

How To Decide

In many ways, the decision between programmable and smart thermostats comes down to lifestyle and cost. For those who just have a habit of forgetting to change the setting when leaving home, a programmable unit may do the trick. If your energy needs are relatively modest, it may be more cost-effective to install a programmable thermostat.

Your Home’s Energy Requirments

If you have a large home and complex energy requirements, a smart thermostat may be worth the additional investment. For instance, people who travel often may find it beneficial to be able to change settings from a mobile device. That can save more money than 7-day usage settings. In many ways, the decision isn’t necessarily which one is better. It’s about which is better for you.

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