April 5, 2021
Thermostat Settings in Lakeside, CA

Most homeowners in Lakeside know the importance of a functional HVAC system to their quality of life. The system maintains comfortable temperatures indoors all year round. However, few people understand that their thermostats could actually be the cause of uncomfortable temperatures in their homes. That’s all the more reason you should upgrade your thermostat. A programmable and modern thermostat has several perks. If you are considering upgrading your old thermostat, here are several reasons to help you make a decision.

Movement Sensors

One of the main reasons why you should upgrade your thermostat is to enjoy the movement sensors feature. Digital thermostats have sensors that can detect when you are up or active in your home. This enables the thermostat to note when you or your family members are at home and when they are out and to therefore set temperatures accordingly.

Design Variety

If you want to upgrade, you can find a variety of digital thermostats on the market. They have several options that you can choose from, like the set and forget feature. Upgrading to a digital thermostat allows you to control humidity levels. These design varieties alert you when it’s time to change the air filter, conduct system diagnostics on your heating and cooling system, and have energy-tracking features.

Energy Savings

It’s wise to upgrade your thermostat for energy savings. Smart thermostats can save significantly on heating and cooling bills over the years. It might not seem like a lot of money at first, but the convenience, comfort levels, and low installation costs make the investment worthwhile. Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart one if you want to cut on summer energy bills in Lakeside.


If you’re looking to increase your home’s comfort, upgrading our thermostat is an excellent step. You can set a digital thermostat to cool down your house a few minutes before you arrive so that you come into a comfortable space. These newer thermostats allow you to personalize the schedule heating/cooling to meet your exact needs.

Upgrade your current thermostat to control your heating and cooling system. Optimize your home’s comfort and save money with a thermostat upgrade. Our HVAC experts can recommend an ideal thermostat and install it professionally. We also specialize in heating and cooling, government HVAC services, ductless systems, and joint-venture general construction. Call Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment today.

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