San Diego Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Tune Up Services


You can never truly appreciate your air conditioning system until you really need it. We at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning have been performing air conditioning repairs, installations, and tune ups in San Diego for over 20 years. Regardless of your air conditioning needs, we at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning are able to fulfill them!

Pick the Right Air Conditioning System For Your San Diego Home

Selecting the right air conditioning system for your home is very important for numerous reasons. A large air conditioning system does not necessarily mean more efficient cooling. A proper sized unit will not only cool the room, but will also reduce the humidity to make it more comfortable.

Keep the following tips in mind while selecting the right air conditioning system:


1. If you have a rectangular or square room, multiply length of area by the width. If your room is triangular, multiply length by width and divide it by two.

2. Take the result (square footage) and compare it to the sizing charts provided by air conditioner companies.

There are a number of air conditioner categories. Your chosen category must tally with the area that will be cooled and the heat generated within the area. The different types of home air conditioners are:

  • Window air conditioning system: The most common of them all. All components are enclosed in a single box and fitted on to a window sill.
  • Split air conditioning system: It has an outdoor and an indoor unit. You can use a split to cool two rooms.
  • Central air conditioning system: It is suitable for larger areas and multiple rooms. Cold air blows through ducts that are laid in a number of rooms.

Licensed HVAC Technicians Performing Air Conditioning Services Throughout the San Diego Area

At Hi-Tech Air Conditioning, we offer the following air conditioning services:


  • Air conditioning Installation and Repair: Call us for prompt air conditioning repair services. Our technicians are highly skilled and deliver the best air conditioning repairs in San Diego.
  • Air Conditioning Tune Ups and Maintenance: We inspect your home or office air conditioning system to make sure it is working efficiently and safely. Regular maintenance will give you the benefit of an extended equipment life, a lower utility bill per month and fewer equipment breakdowns. The cooling capacity will be also increased.

If you are searching for air conditioning installation, repair and tune up services, there is no need to look further than Hi-Tech Air Conditioning. We will provide licensed HVAC technicians who will offer you upfront prices and the best work in the business.

For Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs, and Tune Ups in San Diego Call (619) 535-2900 Today. 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Services Available.