We Have Over 20 Years Providing Air Conditioning Repairs in San Diego


Hi-Tech Air Conditioning has over 20 years of experience providing high quality air conditioning repairs to the San Diego area. We are focused on our commitment to customer satisfaction and work quality.

At Hi-Tech Air Conditioning We Provide:

  • Same day service: Need to tune up your air conditioning system? We provide same day service for air conditioning repairs inside our service area.
  • Licensed technicians: We have been repairing air conditioning systems for over 20 years. Our air conditioning technicians are experienced, efficient and offer high quality service.
  • Guaranteed high quality work: Hi-Tech Air Conditioning uses the best quality products to give you fresh and clean air, making way for a healthier home. Top class quality is guaranteed every time.

Common Issues That Require Air Conditioning Repairs

Modern air conditioning units are generally trouble free and efficient. However, air conditioning equipment is prone to electrical or mechanical problems. A few common problems are:

  • The unit cannot be switched on: This happens if there is a defective thermostat or if it is improperly set. Another probable issue is that the unit is not connected to any electrical socket.
  • Warm air comes out of the machine: This is due to dirty filters. The cold air cannot pass through the duct work.

Air Conditioning Repair vs. Air Conditioning Replacement


When your air conditioner breaks down, you have two choices: either repair it or replace the old unit with a new one. You need to repair your air conditioning system when there are inconsistencies in temperature Other repair inducing problems include poor insulation, duct work issues and air-conditioner malfunction.
You could go for a complete air conditioner replacement if:

  • You have been using the same air conditioning system for 10 years or more
  • The machine needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are shooting up
  • Different parts of the room exhibit different temperatures
  • There is too much noise coming from the machine

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