April 14, 2020

Like the larger environment outside your door, the inside of your building has its own climate. Things like the construction material used, the orientation of windows, and even furnishings can change the way air flows through a room. If you want to guarantee your comfort indoors, the technicians at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling can find your perfect heating and cooling systems to achieve it.

Indoor climate zones can solve a lot of problems for businesses and homeowners. But there can also be some disadvantages.


Zoned indoor climate control makes life easier and more comfortable.

  • End the thermostat wars between housemates and family members. Create a warmer zone in grandma’s room so the rest of the family doesn’t have to get overheated.
  • Customize a tropical zone for indoor gardeners that allows exotic flowers to flourish.
  • Reduce unnecessary energy costs. Only use your electricity or gas to heat and cool the rooms you’re using now.
  • Businesses that depend on fresh produce like eateries and florists can create a cold space to protect their temperature-sensitive inventory.

There are some drawbacks to these systems.

  • Zoned indoor systems require an upfront investment. These systems are more complex than traditional units. Multiple appliances and control units need to be installed to allow you to take advantage of the versatility.
  • The increased complexity also means more maintenance. Regular checkups from a professional and knowledgeable technician can keep your system running well.
  • When a malfunction does occur, it can be hard to trace down. Repairs may take a bit longer than those done on more traditional heating and cooling systems. This inconvenience can be costly for some businesses.

Despite the drawbacks, zoned indoor heating and cooling systems may still be the solution you’re looking for. Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling serves the heating and cooling needs of property owners in the San Diego area. Let us know how we can help create the perfect indoor environment for your needs.

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