An Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract Gives You Peace of Mind


Hi Tech Air Conditioning provides preventive maintenance contracts applicable to all air conditioning services, including air conditioning tune up at regular intervals. Preventative maintenance is essential to increase the working longevity of your air conditioner. Air conditioning maintenance contracts will benefit you by ensuring that the equipment is running effectively, safely and efficiently. You will also enjoy reduced operating expenses, making the air conditioning system more affordable to run for a longer period of time.

A maintenance contract with Hi Tech Air Conditioning means that you’ll get your air conditioning tune ups done to ensure that the equipment is running smoothly.

AC Maintenance Contract With Hi Tech Air Conditioning Will Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning System


Taking a maintenance contract for your air conditioning system will result in a number of benefits, including saving money and time. Routine air conditioning tune up will keep the system operating efficiently and reduce the incidence of replacing the complete unit. The principal benefits are:

Extended system life: Regular maintenance will prolong the working life of the air conditioner by preventing crippling breakdowns. The pump and belts along with other parts should be examined for wear and tear to keep a system operating at peak performance.

Consistent comfort: Nobody wants their air conditioning system to break down in the middle of the scorching summer. Routine maintenance will prevent that and keep your home comfortable. Energy costs are reduced: An efficient air conditioner consumes less electrical energy than an inefficient one.

When’s the Best Time to Get Your AC Tuned Up?

If it is spring, it is the time to schedule an air conditioning tune up. We will inspect your air conditioning system and perform all that is required to ensure that the cooling systems operate efficiently and smoothly all summer. Do call us to get the best service in Poway.

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