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Efficiently functioning air conditioning systems are vital to indoor comfort, especially for homes in coastal areas like Oceanside. Hi-Tech Air Conditioning understands the importance of providing quality air conditioning services that are both affordable and timely. Our air conditioning technicians are knowledgeable, well-trained, experienced and happy to take care of all your air conditioning needs in Oceanside.

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Choose the Right System For Your Oceanside Home


AC units come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Experienced air conditioning installation technicians will generally suggest you to make a choice from the following four varieties:

Window units- Simplest of all forms. Easy to install and very portable. Portable units–The next simplest option, portable units sit on the floor, close to a window. An external connection via a hose is made to facilitate the flow of air in and out of the room. Split systems–Need holes to be drilled in the walls but allows you the freedom of hanging the wall unit at a place that looks good. Can be expensive.

Wall units–Are very complicated in terms of installation but will turn out to be as cost effective as window AC units. Most efficient in terms of cooling.

Oceanside Residential Air Conditioning


Opt for window units if you want an AC to cool a single room and do not want to make any major changes to your walls. They will be your cheapest option. Air conditioning repair as well as air conditioning tune up is relatively easy in these systems.

Split air conditioning systems are a good option for people living in warmer climates and need to cool bigger rooms, such as hallways or master bedrooms. Wall units are very efficient and cost effective. Portable units must be left as the last resort. They are not as efficient as other systems and turn out to be rather expensive.

Need more help in choosing an AC? Have you made a choice already and want to get started? Own a system and need air conditioning tune-up? Whatever your air conditioning needs, have the best in Oceanside address them. Give us a call today! We can even help your heating service needs.

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