Oceanside Air Conditioning Experts Provide AC Repairs and Replacements


The warm climate of Oceanside makes air conditioning units a must for comfortable living, especially in the warmer months. Concerned your AC may not be working properly?.

Excessive noise from the unit is a sign that your AC needs repair. Timely inspection by an experienced air conditioning repair personnel from Hi-Tech Air Conditioning will help you prevent the problem from becoming more severe and therefore more expensive.

Common Reasons Air Conditioning Systems Require AC Repairs in Oceanside

While there are numerous issues that signal the need for prompt air conditioning repair, the four most commonly encountered AC problems are:

  • The AC unit doesn’t run at all
  • It runs but blows warm air
  • It doesn’t cool effectively
  • It turns on and off repeatedly

You can address some of these issues on your own. Cleaning the AC unit for example, may be just what is needed to increase the cooling efficiency. However, for more severe problems that arise as a result of faulty compressor/motor or insufficient amount of refrigerant need to be addressed by licensed air conditioning professionals only.

The air conditioning repair technicians at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning are not only friendly and knowledgeable but also experienced in detecting the exact cause behind the issues and troubleshooting.

When is it Time to Have Your Air Conditioning System Replaced in Oceanside?


The air conditioning repair vs replacement question is one that troubles many homeowners. Our air conditioning replacement technicians will tell you that the decision does not always have to be so troublesome.

Base your decision on three factors:

  • The life expectancy of your AC unit (replace units older than eight to 12 years)
  • It’s efficiency (older units have lower seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and must be replaced)
  • The current condition the unit is in (consider the frequency of breakdowns, manufacturer’s reputation, model etc. to gain a clearer understanding)

If your unit breaks down too often, it is possible that air conditioning replacement will turn out to be cheaper for you, in comparison to air conditioning repair. The experts at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning will help you make an informed decision. They will also oversee the repair or replacement work, delivering quality services in time. Give us a call today and experience constant comfort all summer long We also offer AC maintenance services.

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