April 14, 2020

If you have started to sweat in the middle of a sweltering day in San Diego, what can be more terrible than finding that your AC isn’t working? Regular AC maintenance would have salvaged the day for you, but it is still not too late. Before you call your San Diego service professional, there could be ways to take up AC maintenance our self.

  • Clean or wash clogged filters or replace them entirely; you should actually change them as part of your monthly AC maintenance.
  • A simple step such as thermostat settings could solve your problem, so make sure it is set to cool at your present temperature.
  • Replace the fan blower belt if there is any damage.
Condenser check
  • The AC unit’s air compressor and condenser are generally outdoors but ensure there is enough space all around without obstructions .
  • Is the compressor or condenser placed in a position where it receives direct sunlight? It is time to change it to the north or east side so they get shade.
  • It sounds obvious, but sometimes when your condenser or air handler is not working, they may not be plugged in or the plug may be damaged.
Ducts, fuses and contactor relay
  • If the ducts are leaking, you can seal them yourself, as part of your regular AC maintenance
  • Also, check the circuit breakers and fuses and ensure they are functioning well.
  • You may have to blow compressed air into the contactor relay so debris gathered there is cleared. If this doesn’t solve your problem, call your San Diego service professional.
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