December 11, 2020

When the warmer months are over, it’s time to begin preparations for the upcoming winter. As a Lakeside homeowner, this means protecting items that you don’t want to be exposed to the elements all winter. When it comes to one outdoor item, though, there is a fair amount of debate as to whether it needs protection at all. This item is your outdoor HVAC unit. To help provide clarity, the pros at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling would like to offer their thoughts on this debate.

Moisture Is Not a Problem

First off, it’s important that you hear from the pros at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling that your outdoor HVAC unit will have no trouble dealing with exposure to moisture if you choose to leave it uncovered this winter. After all, on the rare occasion that there’s rain during a San Diego summer, your outdoor unit can easily handle the moisture exposure. This same principle holds true in the winter.

That’s because the unit is coated in a weatherproof finish and built with waterproof connections to help prevent any damage from water. Ultimately, then, covering your outdoor HVAC unit is certainly not necessary and comes down to personal preference.

Keeping Debris Out

One possible use for a cover during the off-season is to help keep debris out of your outdoor HVAC unit. Although the top of your unit is equipped with a grille to help stop leaves, sticks, and other debris from getting in, a few items can still find their way through. Therefore, if you want to use a breathable cover that is only large enough to cover the top of your unit, that will likely provide the best results without causing any issues with your outdoor HVAC unit.


The manufacturer of your outdoor HVAC unit knows the unit better than anyone. This means that they can design and recommend accessories that are especially helpful. The good news is that at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling, we offer multiple accessories from various manufacturers that are designed to protect your unit from weather and debris. These accessories can be used year-round so that you can maximize protection against moisture, UV rays, and other risks.

Taking Care of You

At Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling, we work hard to take care of our customers. Whether we’re performing air conditioner maintenance, furnace repair, heat pump installation, or taking on a different project, you can be sure that our 30-plus years in the industry will serve us well to bring about good results. To learn more about covers for your outdoor HVAC unit, contact us at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling today.

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