April 14, 2020

A wall AC install makes an effective method to cool the house and is a perfect hideaway from the San Diego summer. It offers more security compared to a window-mounted one and does not stop the window from being utilized. Installing the wall air-conditioning unit is a complicated process as it forces the installation person to cut through the house walls. It is a professional’s job which a company like HiTech can undertake.

The ins and outs of wall AC install

The process of wall AC install begins with selecting a spot on the wall where the machine is to be installed. A good location is approximately 48 inches off the floor and close to the room center. It should also be adjacent to the electrical outlet.

The AC unit dimensions should be drawn on the spot using a pencil and level. A router should be used to cut through the walls. A utility knife should be used to cut away the insulation (if any). If electrical wires are found, they should be re-routed. A power drill should be used to bore the outside wall.

The AC bracket should be mounted using hardware supplied by the manufacturer. Caulk must be applied outside the bracket to stop water or air seepage. After the mounting process is finished, plug the AC and switch it on.

Precautions to be taken

It is advisable to wear safety goggles when power tools are operational. A number of big air-conditioners require to be plugged into an outlet directly, making placement critical. Power should be turned off when adjustments are made.

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