April 14, 2020

There are many ways in which you can keep yourself and your house in San Diego cool without requiring an AC on full blast. Not using an AC is not only environmentally friendly, but also better for your health. Keep the windows of the house shut during the day to keep the hot air and the sunlight from penetrating the interiors. Install dark blinds or bamboo blinds to maximize efficiency. Open the windows at night to let in the cool air.

Using the fan to circulate air

Fans are way more energy and cost-effective than cooling units. Install fans near the windows at night to attract more moving air from the outside. You can even convert the fan into a cooling unit by placing a huge jug or bowl of ice in front of it. Make sure that the fan is pushing the air down instead of sucking it up as is required during winters.

Keeping the heat-generating gadgets at bay

Most electric appliances generate heat and add to the heat within the house. Switch off all the machines that are not in use during the day. Use alternatives like microwaves instead of an oven or air drying of dishes instead of heaters to minimize heat generation. Replace bright bulbs that generate a lot of heat with the new varieties of fluorescent lights easily available in the market. They are way cooler and can help you keep the temperatures down.

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