June 28, 2021
Resetting AC in San Diego, CA

A home air conditioning system can be a great way to keep your family nice and cool during the hot summer months. While your home air conditioning system may work great throughout many days of the summer, there may be a day where it malfunctions. This malfunction could be brought on by something as simple as a power outage. Knowing how to properly reset your air conditioning system can help save you from paying a professional to do it for you.

Start by Turning Your Thermostat Off

For you to properly reset your home air conditioning system, you’ll need to turn your thermostat to the off position. Don’t just turn the thermostat temperature up or switch it to the heating function. The thermostat needs to be in the off position for this soft reset method to work.

Flip the Breaker Off and On

Head down to your basement or crawlspace and locate your electrical panel box. Open the access panel and locate the breaker that is for your entire centralized home air conditioning unit. Flip the breaker to an off position. Wait for 60 seconds. Be sure to set a timer so that you don’t turn it back on too soon. After waiting the full one minute, flip the circuit breaker back to the on position.

Wait Patiently for 30 Minutes

While logic may have you heading to turn your home thermostat back on, resist the urge to do so. You’ll need to let your centralized home air conditioning unit sit for at least 30 minutes. This will allow it to reset on an internal level. Once you wait it out for at least 30 minutes, go ahead and turn your thermostat back on. If the reset worked, you should hear the air conditioning system kick back on.

Trusted AC Repair

Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling is your local heating and air conditioning professional that can help you with all of your heating and cooling system repair, installation and maintenance needs in Lakeside, CA. We also offer home comfort assessments and solutions. If you’re experiencing trouble with your home air conditioning system, give us a call today, and we’ll get a technician on the way. We look forward to assisting with your home comfort needs.

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