March 16, 2021
air conditioner

Air conditioners can be a lifesaver during the spring and summer seasons as long as they function effectively. However, air filters in your air conditioner can get dirty without regular cleanings. Unfortunately, dirty air filters don’t work effectively. The good news is that cleaning air filters isn’t complicated as long as you know what to do. Check out these steps to understand how to clean your air filter.

Determine the Air Filter Location

The first step should be to locate your air conditioner filter. You can find it near the cold air return of a central air conditioner. You can also locate the filters behind the return vents that are scattered throughout your house.

Shut Off the Power

It’s a good idea to shut off the air conditioner before you start cleaning the air filters. This step will protect you from electric shocks and will protect against damage to your air conditioner. Cleaning air filters when the AC unit is on could cause a rush of unfiltered air into the house, and the evaporator coils and other internal components could collect dirt. Also, ensure that you replace the filter before turning the appliance back on.

Remove the Filter and Vacuum It

You’ll notice a considerable amount of dust and other particulate matter caked into the air filter. A vacuum with a bristled attachment can remove most of the particles. Remember to vacuum all sides of the filter. Also, be sure to clean all of the central AC’s filters.

Soak the Filter

The next step should be to soak the air filters in a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. However, read the manual before doing so because some filters aren’t designed to get wet. If the air conditioner’s air filter is water-friendly, soak it for an hour, and then ensure it’s completely dry before reinstalling it.

Congrats! You’re now done cleaning your AC’s air filter. You can consult with our air conditioner professionals in Lakeside for further clarification on cleaning air filters. Homeowners also come to us for heating and cooling services, ductless systems, government HVAC services, and commercial and residential services. Contact us at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling today for more information on cleaning your AC unit’s air filters.

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