January 10, 2021

A water source heat pump is like other types of heat pumps except it uses a source of water to generate and release heat. Many homes can’t make use of this type of heat pump, but for those that can, it’s an option well worth considering.

How It Works

Like other heat pumps, a water source heat pump uses electricity and refrigerant to heat and cool a home. It transfers heat into a home during the winter and out of it during the summer. They’re highly energy-efficient, so you’ll save a great deal of money on your utility bills.

A water source heat pump has a series of pipes through which water flows. Refrigerant in the pipes collects heat from the water to warm your home. In the summer, this process is reversed so your home is cooled.

Water Source Needed

You need access to a water source for a water source heat pump. The water source can be a river, lake or other large body of water. It’s for this reason that only some homes can have this type of heat pump installed.

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Water Source Heat Pump Benefits

A water source heat pump is very efficient, and they can pay for themselves in just five years in reduced utility bills. They’re environmentally friendly as they don’t consume fossil fuels. They provide both heating and cooling, so you don’t need a separate air conditioner.

They are quieter than other types of HVAC equipment, such as furnaces. Water source heat pumps have a long lifespan as well, as they can last up to 50 years if they are well cared for.

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