Why Do You Need a Professional Furnace Maintenance Service in Lakeside?


As a resident or homeowner in Lakeside, you are aware of the importance of having a heating system that is working at maximum capacity. Furnaces, despite being fitted with the latest features and technology, are prone to malfunctioning and faults just like any other piece of complex machinery. However, conducting simple heating maintenance and tune ups from time to time, will greatly reduce the likelihood of a problem arising.

When it comes to heating maintenance services in Lakeside, there are few that are on par with Hi Tech. Our licensed professionals are highly trained and experienced, having conducted maintenance work on an array of different furnace models.

How our services can extend the life of your Furnace


While furnaces can develop unanticipated problems often, simple maintenance work conducted once every six months, will ensure that this risk is reduced. When you hire the professionals at Hi Tech, we will visit your home, and inspect your heating system in its entirety. We will inspect important components like filters and electrical wiring.

Every component in a furnace has a particular role. When even one of these is not working properly, your health and comfort might be jeopardized. For example, your furnace’s motor determines its efficiency. Your furnace may still function, but it will do so poorly, resulting in high electricity expenses.

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The amount of maintenance work will depend on the regularity with which you use your furnace. Keeping it on for prolonged periods of time will lead to faster depreciation of components. Conversely, not using it at all will lead to dust and dirt build-up. Ideally, you should hire a professional service like Hi Tech’s to inspect and maintain your furnace at least once in six months. Contact us to learn more about our services.