April 14, 2020

In the United States, air conditioners are very popular in the Southern and Midwestern regions where it can get very hot for a few months. In cities like San Diego, most homes and offices have air conditioning units that are used extensively during the summer months. However, most people do not bother with AC maintenance. The startling fact is that cooling and heating systems can constitute over half your energy costs. So if your air conditioning system is not efficient, your energy bills can shoot up quickly. AC maintenance is the best way to ensure peak AC efficiency.

Important things to know about AC maintenance

  • AC must be checked once annually – You need to call AC repair and maintenance professionals to check out your AC unit at least once a year. They will tune up your system, remove dirt and repair defects to ensure peak efficiency throughout the year.
  • AC systems that are not maintained lose five percent efficiency – Air conditioner units that are not maintained lose at least five percent efficiency over the year. This means that without AC maintenance, your AC will need more power to work, which in turn drives up energy costs.
  • Cost – AC maintenance can cost between $70 and $100 but you can get AC maintenance packages from companies that are more cost-effective.
  • Thorough inspection – Your AC maintenance professional will inspect the coils, compressor, capacitors and refrigerant.
  • Don’t fall for low prices – Companies charging very low prices for AC maintenance are probably skipping most steps.

Get AC Maintenance services today

If you live in a city like San Diego, where it can get very hot, you need to subscribe to an AC maintenance package. This will eliminate sudden breakdowns and help maintain AC efficiency.

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