April 14, 2020

When you think of Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling, you probably think of us as the company that handles the cooling and heating needs of Lakeside area homes. Yet, the temperature is only one part of home comfort. The quality of the air in your home also matters. The autumn months raise up a new crop of indoor air quality concerns.

Dust Mites

Depending on how you cool your home, your ductwork may have been sitting dormant since the last time your furnace kicked on. A few months of dust and dust mites have made their way into your system. When you heat your home for the first time, these irritants are blown into the general air supply.

Ragweed and Mold Spores

Early September means ragweed season for much of the country. Many people have an allergic response to the pollen of this plant. While most of the pollen is outdoors, some of it gets brought indoors as people enter and exit your home.

The same goes for leaf mold spores. As the leaves fall, they pile up in your yard. Throw in some rain, and you have the perfect growing habitat for leaf mold, another common allergen.

Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean

The easiest way to deal with irritants and allergens is regular cleaning. You will want to do some extra vacuuming to pick up dust, pollen, and mold spores before they get into the air in your home. You might consider investing in a robotic vacuum that will do this task on a daily basis.

Ventilation is another important step, especially as the nights get colder. People are more apt to keep windows and doors shut, minimizing the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Try to open some windows during the warmest part of the day.

Finally, there are many professional indoor air quality options. from filters and purifiers that pull air from your heating ducts to individual units that clean the air in a single room. Whether it is heating, cooling, or indoor air quality, Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling can help with the home comfort needs of your Lakeside home. Contact us today for information about a home comfort analysis.

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