May 5, 2021
High Humidity in San Diego, California

Homeowners want their air conditioner to work for them during the peak season. This requires some vigilance because there are threats to your system in your own home. One of these is the humidity level in the air.

Humidity Increases the Strain on Your Air Conditioner

Humidity is practically an unseen enemy for your air conditioner. It is the thing that your system always fights against in the summer. The way that your air conditioner works is by removing humidity from the air and exchanging it with cool and dry air. Excess humidity keeps raising the bar for your air conditioner, which is forced to do more work. The added burden means that you must operate your system on a higher setting. Eventually, this could result in a repair bill because your air conditioner can only sustain such exertion for so long.

You May Notice Uneven Cooling

High levels of humidity will also result in uneven cooling in your home. There is only so much that your air conditioner can do at once. Some rooms may be cooler than others, and you may find some warm patches in certain areas. Consistently high humidity can lead to inconsistent results from your air conditioner.

Humidity Can Cut Your Air Conditioner’s Life Short

Finally, humidity could shorten the useful life of your air conditioner. You may have hoped that your system would last for many more years. However, humidity might cause your air conditioner to prematurely stop working for good. You can combat the effects of humidity by installing dehumidifiers throughout your house. Your air conditioner will thank you for this seemingly small step that will make its life easier during peak season. Also, make sure to get your preventative maintenance done on a routine schedule.

Our professionals at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling can help you with all of your San Diego heating and cooling needs, including installation, maintenance and repair. They can even do a home comfort analysis. Call us today to learn more about how we can keep your home cool in the California summer!

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