April 14, 2020

Energy efficiency in an air conditioner unit has to do with a number of components besides its coils. Components like the evaporator and condenser also require electricity to function effectively. While it is not possible to control or regulate the energy usage of these components, you can still retain control over your AC’s energy efficiency through a variable speed air conditioner upgrade.

An AC handler is the component that dictates the rate at which air flows from the AC throughout your San Diego based home. ACs that have single-speed handlers are only able to operate at particular speeds, meaning that your AC may be being used more than actually required. However, with a variable speed AC handler, you will be able to control the capacity at which your air conditioner is functioning. With this AC upgrade, you can adjust the speed at which the air is flowing.

Program your AC

Many air conditioners also offer variable speed automation. You can schedule your AC to regulate airflow on an hourly basis. For example, when you initially turn it on, you can have it functioning at maximum capacity until a room is cooled. Once the temperature reaches the desired level, your AC will automatically begin regulating air at a lower speed, allowing you to save significantly on energy.

A variable speed AC upgrade will allow you to maximize efficiency based on the environment’s temperature while retaining the amount of comfort you have. Moreover, by having your AC function at lower capacities, you can also reduce the noise it makes. Get in touch with expert service providers like Level in San Diego to get your AC unit installed in your home.

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