Heating Experts of Chula Vista, CA

For more than twenty years, our heating and cooling specialists have provided superior installation and repair of home comfort equipment for residents and businesses in Chula Vista as part of their daily duties. Hi-Tech Air Conditioning is a family-owned business offering traditional values in their many services and products. Many years of experience and industry training have given our techs the ability to provide superior service for your furnace and air conditioner, Chula Vista, California, home and business owners. We are standing by to help, whether you’d like a home comfort analysis or repairs.

Emergency Furnace Repairs

While homeowners appreciate the comfort that a furnace provides during the cooler months of the year, they often forget to think about scheduling simple maintenance to ensure its performance the next time they need it. Unfortunately, this type of forgetfulness can lead to emergencies when the furnace fails to turn on during the coldest night of the year! Fortunately, we offer 24-hour furnace repair Chula Vista residents can truly appreciate. Our response is fast and our repairs are exceptional. In no time at all, one of our highly skilled heating specialists will have warmth restored to your home.

Our Heating Services

If you are looking for services for your furnace and air conditioner, Chula Vista, California, home and business owners, please contact the heating and cooling specialists at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning. We offer:

  • New heating system installations
  • Furnace and HVAC upgrades
  • Furnace and HVAC repairs
  • Ductless heat pump installations, upgrades, and repairs
  • Duct cleaning
  • Duct maintenance
  • Heating system evaluations
  • Heating system maintenance
  • Troubleshooting diagnostics for poorly performing equipment
  • Parts replacement
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency and cost savings

If the repairs your furnace needs are extensive, we might make a recommendation to upgrade to one of the newer styles that offer energy efficiency and simpler maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Us

Whether you need residential, commercial, or government heating services, you can do no better than hiring the techs at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning. While we understand that repairing a furnace or HVAC system on your own can be difficult for the average home or business owner, we know that it’s an easy task for our highly skilled service techs. Long years of training and experience have given them the knowledge and expertise needed to diagnose funny sounds coming from a furnace or identify why the heat being produced isn’t very warm.

If you want the best, call us today!