April 14, 2020

If you are a homeowner or resident in San Diego, considering AC replacement, there are a number of factors that you need to closely consider. Nowadays, there are a number of air conditioner models available in the market that are loaded with numerous features. However, if energy-efficiency and lower electricity costs are your main concern, it is important that you consider choosing a two-stage cooling system, over the traditional single-stage system.

How does a two-stage system work?

A two-stage air conditioner system differs from that of a single-stage primarily in the manner in which the AC compressor works. A single-stage system means that your AC’s compressor is only able to function at one particular speed. It will work at this speed, regardless of how large the room is, or what the room’s temperature is at any point in time. In the cooler months of Spring and Autumn, it is unlikely that you will need your AC operating at full blast.

With a two-stage system, you can control the speed at which your AC operates. This kind of system typically has a ‘high’ speed and a ‘low’ speed. Since on most days throughout the year, you will not need your AC working at maximum capacity, you can ultimately save up to 40% of energy typically spent using a single-stage system. A two-stage system analyzes a room’s temperature as well and reacts accordingly, switching between high and low speeds, to maintain a particular temperature.

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