Trustworthy AC Repair from a Reliable AC Company in Lakeside

Since 1990, homes, companies and government clients around the San Diego Bay area have trusted Hi-Tech Air Conditioning with the installation of their cooling and ventilation systems. From ductless air conditioning systems to cooling towers and chillers, Hi-Tech Air Conditioning provides unparalleled quality service for all your AC repair needs. Over the years, the Hi-Tech team has received solid endorsements from happy customers. Job after job, we have built an excellent reputation for installing a comprehensive range of HVAC systems and equipment.

Take Care of Your Unit With Preventative AC Maintenance

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Don’t wait for your air conditioning system to break down on you. At Hi-Tech Air Conditioning we understand the importance of regular maintenance of your cooling systems. Efficiently operating cooling systems can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25%, and routine maintenance effectively doubles the lifespan of the average cooling system. Call an experienced AC company like Hi-Tech Air Conditioning today to schedule your A/C maintenance appointment.

Install a New AC System for Your Lakeside Home Today!

Are you making decisions about the installation of a local or central air conditioning system for your new home in Lakeside and the surrounding areas? Are you looking for ways to cut back your energy costs? Or is it 100º outside and the A/C unit at home is down? You have come to the right place. Job after job, we have built an excellent reputation of going above and beyond homeowners’ expectations, and providing highly skilled service for the installation of ventilation systems, A/C controls and building automation, humidification and dehumidification, and more. No other AC company in Lakeside is better qualified to satisfy your needs!

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