April 14, 2020

Keeping your Lakeside, CA home comfortable for your family and guests can be of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, problems with your HVAC system can and do occur, resulting in the need for an HVAC technician to come in and assess the problem. One way your HVAC system may be telling you there is a problem is by the noises it makes. Below are five HVAC noises you never want to hear.

1. Screeching or Squealing

Squealing noise will often start in your blower motor and are often a sign that the bearings or a belt have gone bad. While this is not typically an expensive fix, they should be taken care of before they break. It also could be a sign that your unit needs more oil or lubrication.

2. Rattling, Thumping, or Clanking

These types of sounds often signal a major issue with either the blower assembly or motor. If you hear rattling, odds are the component has come loose. Clanking and banging when your system is running typically means you have a disconnected or broken part. If this occurs, shut your system off immediately and contact an HVAC technician.

3. Fast Thwapping

A repeat or fast thwapping sound can occur if the blower is running with something stuck on one of the blades. It could also indicate the blower blades coming into contact with something when they are revolving. Ignoring this noise can cause your blower and other parts to wear more rapidly.

4. Clicking Sounds

You will hear clicking noises when your HVAC unit turns on and off, but if you hear a repeated clicking sound that is coming from either the control panel or the compressor outside, you may have a problem with a defective relay.

5. Rattling Noises

If you hear a rattling noise when your unit turns on, or even after it has run for a short while, it could be a sign that you have loose hardware or a failing motor. As the noise gets louder, the problem becomes more serious, and if you hear a screaming noise, it could be a sign that the compressor is failing.

Contact a Heating Professional

Don’t let an HVAC problem ruin the comfort of your Lakeside home. Listen for the noises above and contact us at Hi-Tech Air Heating & Cooling if you suspect you have an HVAC problem. Our trusted and reliable professionals will asses your problem and provide you with all available options.

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