April 14, 2020

Leaks are a common issue on residential properties due to cracks and holes that begin to form over time. Although the problem may be minor with the damage it causes, it can lead to plenty of energy loss over time. Homeowners who are looking to reduce energy usage will want to check for air leaks. Here are four ways to check your property for air leaks before performing the repairs.

1. Use a Flashlight

One of the easiest ways to find leaks that are present is by using a flashlight at night. Have someone else stand outside of the house as you shine the light through the edges of windows, doors, and outlets in the building. Any light that is visible on the outside is a sign that air is leaking through. This means your home is wasting excess energy when the HVAC system is running.

2. Perform a Blower Test

Blower door tests are performed by professionals who are performing home energy audits. It involves sealing the building and using a special fan that pressurizes the house.

3. Check the Insulation

Inspect the insulation that is installed in the attic and basement to ensure it’s up to standard. Many older homes have insufficient insulation, which means leaks are likely to be present and new insulation needs to be installed.

4. Look for Cracks and Gaps

Cracks and gaps are a clear indicator that leaks are present. They often form around outlets, window frames, and fireplace dampers. Perform a visual inspection to identify where cracks and gaps have formed. They will likely need to be caulked to prevent air loss from occurring when the HVAC system is running throughout the year.

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