Air Conditioning & Heating Services

The Best AC Service in Lakeside, CA

Here at Hi-Tech Air Conditioning, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable living or working environment, which is why we strive to provide the best air conditioning services in the San Diego area. As a family-owned business and member of your community, we are proud of our ability to make homes and businesses more comfortable for the people who use them. The quality of your indoor air and interior temperature is important for many reasons, most notably your health. If you are interested in getting a home comfort analysis to discover how efficient your cooling systems are, please contact us.

Our Heating & Cooling Services

Hi-Tech Air Conditioning offers a wide range of quality services. As a well-established AC repair company in Lakeside, CA, we have many years of experience, giving us the expertise needed to install, maintain, and repair AC units of many types from all major manufacturers. We handle jobs of all sizes for both commercial and residential customers. Our services include each of the following:

  • AC installation
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Ductless air conditioning systems
  • Cooling system performance evaluations
  • Troubleshooting services for problematic issues
  • Home Comfort Analysis
  • Access to energy saving plans
  • Parts replacement